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Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley, a 150-mile long valley in Oregon, is home to about 70% of the entire state's population. Home to award-winning wineries and finest breweries, the Willamette River blesses the valley with fertile soil great for its agricultural and development. Frequented by tourists exploring traditional wine-making processes and its stunning vineyards, this rural wonderland offers economic growth through tourism and cultural heritage.

Dubbed as Oregon's leading wine region, Willamette Valley proudly houses two-thirds of that state's wineries and vineyards. Overall, 700 wineries from the valley are producing the premier Pinot noir- a fine-tasting wine commonly found in the region.

Known to have rich forest trails and outdoor recreational spaces, Willamette Valley's top go-to spot for adventure is the renowned Silver Falls State Park. Featuring a 7.2-mile Trail of Ten Falls, Silver Falls State Park near Silverton gives you a great trail to explore behind the falls.

Willamette Valley Vineyards found near Turner, the Eyrie Vineyards, and the Domaine Serene Winery all stand out for their finest wines- including pinot and chardonnay. St. Innocent, one of the most notable vineyards in the area, lets you take your dogs with you to experience the process of traditional wine-making. The best part? They give canines dog-friendly wines.

Oregon Garden, a unique recreational park with 23 different-themed gardens, is perfect for families who love trailer park vacations and weekend barbecues.

Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway is the first official scenic bikeway in the United States. With a 134-mile route, this bikeway is perfect for shorter round-trips and day trips. Pass through tranquil valleys lined with cozy coffee shops, wineries, and pubs. Take short rests at the Champoeg State Heritage Area, home to Oregon's humble beginnings tracing back to the 1850s.

Finally, the Willamette National Forest houses 1700 miles of untouched, natural beauty with breath-taking alpine lakes, pristine waterways, and wildflower plains. With the forest bearing four distinct districts, activities like rafting, fishing, hiking, camping, and mountain biking are all welcome.

Willamette Valley climate is more relaxed and moister than the rest of the region, with longer drizzly rainy seasons. Cloudy days and rains nourish the region's vineyards and only bring very little snow.