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Portland Metro

The Greater Portland Metro Area, also called the Greater Portland, is rich in commerce and thriving businesses while preserving hundreds of years in its Victorian architecture-inspired homes and buildings.

With its roots as a trading center, Greater Portland first flourished as a local gold mill. Today, its downtowns are lined with business centers, mini restaurants, coffee shops, and establishments in well-preserved brick buildings.

Home to almost 2 million residents, Portland is the ideal large urban paradise. With its cities featuring a hip, modern feel, this financial district is well-adorned with shopping centers and recreational parks.

Although commuting times are long, Greater Portland gives you reliable public transit with a dependable light-rail system. With its excellent city rail service, you could easily hop onto recreational sites and nearby cities like Eugene, Oregon, and Vancouver.

Greater Portland's growth made the urban and suburban landscapes liveable, creating a neighborhood adorned with brick architectures taking notes from Victorian and Renaissance references.

With Greater Portland's economic growth over the years, its businesses diversified into ambitious high-tech and creative job opportunities, which earned Poland its nickname- Silicon Forest. Executive and professional positions are usually found in this area, focusing on IT and sciences.

North of this busy Greater Portland area is the Pearl District, proudly housing the restored Portland Union Station tail hub. Surrounded by small restaurants offering fine cuisine, business centers, and homes with Victorian-inspired architecture, it's truly a fascinating place of wonder.

Take a stroll around one of the oldest art museums on the West Coast, the Portland Art Museum, a permanent collection of about 42,000 breath-taking works of art. Being one of the 25 largest art museums in the US and resting in about 240,000 square feet, the Portland Art Museum features Native American art, Northwest art, modern art, and a public sculpture garden.

Also proudly housing the Pittock Mansion, a piece of history boasting a French Renaissance-style château, this restored 1914 home is perfect for admiring the beauty of Portland architecture. Inspired by Victorian and French Renaissance, this 46-acre beauty gives you a panoramic view of Downtown Portland from the top of the hills while walking through its gorgeous rose-filled gardens.

Visit the Columbia River Gorge, featuring a 4,000 feet deep canyon stretching over eighty miles. Wahclella Falls, its hidden gem, gives you a spectacular view of the canyon and the rich forest trails that surround it.

The gorgeous Multnomah Falls resting on two tiers of naturally-formed basalt cliffs stands 620 ft in height; the tallest waterfall in Oregon lets you enjoy its well-maintained switchback trail that ascends about 100 feet above the falls. Attracting over two million visitors annually, it is a captivating sight you might not want to miss.

Are you thinking of taking long rides to explore nearby attractions? Mount St. Helens lies just 52 miles northeast of Portland. It gives you a mesmerizing view of the stratovolcano and its surroundings, including a mile-wide, horseshoe-shaped crater loved by more and more visitors each year.

With Greater Portland's richness in untouched landscape and large trees, it is famous for its greenery. The climate brings heavy winter rains, with yearly rainfall patterns observed from October to May. The Winter season isn't cumbersome as there are only cloudy skies, rain, and a little snow. Greater Portland summer does not have torrid heat, only giving the area mild temperatures and northwesterly winds with very little rainfall.