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Sell a Home, Save a Child

Transforming Lives Through Real Estate

We are real estate Agents partnering with people to build brighter futures for vulnerable children around the world.

Our Story

Nick and his wife Johna initiated his team’s efforts a decade ago following an invitation to walk through a dump in Managua, Nicaragua: “The smells, the sights– all overwhelming. Raw sewages stench permeated all; burnt tires blotted the sun; Children sifted mountains of garbage; Girls reportedly trafficked to the Garbage truck drivers…You can’t un-see or un-experience something like that; it’s seared into my heart and soul! We determined ourselves to do what we could to help those kids.” Nick spurred his community into supporting financial and mission-based trips to better these children’s lives. Nick impacted building and financially supporting “Villa Esperanza,” a safe campus where kids lived while receiving mentorship, counseling, and education. Nick’s team simultaneously financed a local church offering breakfast and lunch to kids residing at the dump.

In 2016, Nick’s team launched a non-profit movement called Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC), which has raised over $3 million to help vulnerable children. “The goal is to team up with organizations like forwarding Edge InternationaI to transform the futures of children in places like Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Nicaragua, Mexico, and areas of the United States. SAHSAC helps feed, clothe, house, educate and protect children suffering from the devastating effects of poverty. These are long-term programs that offer solutions, opportunities, and most importantly, HOPE.”

How it Works

Over 3 Million Dollars Raised

This Mission is well served through real estate transactions, and our team has had the privilege to serve thousands of wonderful clients in Oregon and Washington. For every home sold through our program, we will donate 10% of our profit back to help transform the future of these precious children respectively in Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the US.