Our Team

CEO Principal Broker in Oregon, Washington Licensed Agent
Nick Shivers

Simply put, Nick and his team love people. Their passions are to SERVE unselfishly, GUIDE as if the client is a family member, and GIVE BACK generously. We understand that the purchase or sale of a home is the most significant investment many people make in their lifetime. We take that seriously, offering our very best from every team member to provide exceptional service. Although factual information and strategic negotiation are high priorities, so are helping set expectations and addressing emotions that can be experienced during the process.

Nick started his real estate career in 2000 with a desire to do things differently than the status quo. He wanted to create a place where the most incredible people wanted to work, and all of his energy would be put into helping them reach their dreams. Great people create positive energy, amazing ideas, sharpen each other's skills, and deliver world-class service. His team consists of generous, personable, skilled negotiators, incredible marketers, and an irreplaceable administrative staff that ensure details do not get missed. With over 5,000 clients served, Nick's mission of "SERVING PEOPLE, Saving Kids, all by Selling Real Estate" is going strong!

Nick's philanthropic work is at the very heart of WHY he is motivated to serve and succeed. Nick co-founded Sell A Home, Save A Child (SAHSAC sellahomesaveachild.org), a movement that focuses on providing water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare, safe homes, and spiritual guidance for impoverished children around the world. In the last 5 years, SAHSAC has raised over $3 million dollars to fund and expand new programs to meet the needs of these vulnerable children, transforming lives and providing real hope for their future. Everything Nick and his team do continues to grow SAHSAC, and it is so inspiring to witness the hope it brings. Many team members have visited the children in various SAHSAC-funded communities in Nicaragua, Haiti, Mexico, Ethiopia, and various parts of the United States. Every team member is genuinely committed to making a difference in this world…and having fun while doing so!