Our Team

Director of Sales, Licensed Oregon & Utah Broker
Rachelle Braunstein

Hello! I've been a part of the wonderful world of Real Estate since 2010, and what a journey it's been! Filled with varied experiences and driven by a genuine dedication to client service, I've always loved connecting people with their perfect homes. Five years ago, I was thrilled to join this fantastic team as a licensed Realtor, armed with a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering passion for making real estate dreams come true. My commitment to outstanding service guided me to many successful transactions, and in 2020, I was excited to step into a leadership role. I'm here to help guide you through your real estate journey with the same enthusiasm and dedication that has marked my career.

In this role, I have utilized my extensive background, which includes homeowner’s association management and overseeing significant administrative and real estate and property management operations, to lead with strategic vision and a focus on client-centric solutions.

Throughout my career, I have managed over 1000 rental properties annually and ensured seamless real estate transactions. This experience has not only honed my leadership skills but also deepened my understanding of the real estate market dynamics. My role goes beyond sales; it's about creating lasting relationships with clients, guiding families and individuals through one of their most important decisions.

As a life-long Oregon native and an enthusiast of the Pacific Northwest, I am passionate about contributing to the state that has nurtured me. My deep understanding of the Portland-metro area and its surroundings has been invaluable to building lasting relationships.

My transition to sales was driven by a philosophy that eschews high-pressure tactics in favor of guidance, education, and heartfelt service. I understand the significance of real estate decisions, requiring clear communication, comprehensive understanding of options, timely actions, and fairness in every aspect.

My commitment is to fully understand both our clients' and team members objectives, balancing their essential needs with aspirational desires, and providing a clear, detailed roadmap of the real estate process. Our job is to get a full picture of your short and long term goals, to understand your “can’t-live-without-it” needs and your “let’s-cross-our-fingers” wants, and to thoroughly detail what to expect and when throughout the process.

A home is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make in your life - it’s my job to shoulder the stress of that so you can focus on the fun. As a resident in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I’m lucky to know just how wonderful and fulfilling life can be when you love where you live. If you're ready to take the next step into the journey of homeownership, chat more about selling your current home, or learn more about a career in real estate, I’d love to connect with you! ✨